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El Médano Operadora de Servicios, S. de R.L. DE C.V., and its subsidiaries, Médano Servicios Personales S de RL de CV and Médano Holdings S de RL de CV, which will be referred to collectively within this notice as “Hotel Bahia” with offices located at Av el Pescador SN Colonia El Médano C.P. 23453 in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, pursuant to the federal law on protection of personal data held by individuals (“The Law”) and regulation, hereby notifies you that:

TREATMENT OF COLLECTED INFORMATION Personal data that you freely and voluntarily provide to Hotel Bahia by the use of our online services via our website, written, and/or telephone: (i) personal data, (ii) employment data, and (iii) economic and financial data. Likewise and only if applicable and appropriate, we may collect through the information you provide us, general personal and employment information of third parties like children, spouse, joint obligor (as required by our policies), as well as personal references for verification by Hotel Bahia. Equally and in accordance with Hotel Bahia’s policies, we may require a copy of your photo ID and proof of address. In the case of third parties whose information we collect through you, we have implemented security measures and confidentiality standards to treat the information in accordance with the terms and conditions in the privacy notice.
PURPOSE IN PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA The personal information we collect is used for the following purposes: (i) completing reservations, (ii) requesting information, (iii) for identification and verification, (iv) contact, (v) to offer our services, (vi) to register for programs of partners or members, (vii) inform people about offers, (viii) offer discounts and promotions, (ix) general information to partners and members, (x) for monthly financial charges and maintenance fees in appropriate instances. In the collection and processing of personal data provided by you, we fulfill all the principles established by The Law (Article 6): legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and accountability.
TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA Hotel Bahia may hire one or more third parties such as suppliers of goods and/or services selected in order to support promotion, marketing, and/or collections for, if applicable, our products and services, management and administration of personal information collected through this website, or by any other means for verification purposes, for which Hotel Bahia would refer to third party/ies to comply with the provision of contracted services. Similarly, Hotel Bahia may transfer your personal information to its affiliates or related companies for the same purpose set out in this notice. It is understood that you have consented to the transfer of personal data, or do not manifest opposition to its being transferred. There personal data you provide to Hotel Bahia can be compiled and maintained within a proprietary database of Hotel Bahia. Hotel Bahia is not responsible for the content and privacy policies of sites that outside of this portal.
MEANS TO LIMIT THE USE OR DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA Hotel Bahia has implemented administrative security measures as well as technical and physical safeguards to protect your personal data. These are the same safeguards in place for third-party service providers, including subsidiaries or affiliates of Hotel Bahia. Hotel Bahia may use “cookies” or “IP addresses” to confirm your identification to access our online services, with the sole purpose of providing personalized service, because it allows us to determine your preferences by recording them on our site and thus identify your habits and preferences to offer our products and services. By using “cookies,” we do not retain personal information such as that regulated by The Law and regulations.
MEANS TO LIMIT THE USE OR DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA If you would like to limit the use or disclosure of your personal information or to stop receiving information about offers, promotions, and additional products or services, you can contact Hotel Bahia with the subject line “Data Privacy” to the email address In the case of “cookies,” click the help button located on the toolbar of most browsers in order to block or allow cookies.
MEANS TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS AS HOLDER OF PERSONAL DATA As holder of personal data, you may exercise ARCO rights (access, cancelation, rectification, and opposition to the processing of personal data) or revoke consent that you have given to Hotel Bahia for the processing of personal data by sending your request directly to the area of “Privacy Policy” to the email account or, upon written request, to the address Av. El Pescador SN Colonia El Médano in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sir, C.P. 23453. That request must contain at least (a) name and address or other means of communicating the response to your request; (b) documents proving your identity or, where appropriate, legal representation; (c) a clear description of the precise personal data for the requested exercise of ARCO rights; (d) the express statement to revoke consent to the processing of personal data and thereby not have it used; (e) any other information that helps facilitate the location of personal data.
MODIFICATION OF THIS PRIVACY NOTES We reserve the right to change this privacy notice at any time. If there is a change to this privacy notice, we will communicate it through the website

The holder of personal data has read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this privacy notice as made available. Understanding the reason for the collection and processing of personal data and the procedures to exercise rights.

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