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Executive Chef at Bar Esquina

Without a doubt, cooking is an art. Enjoying such art is a pleasure, even more so when each bite is complemented by the expertise, seasoning, and passion of the one preparing it. Rogelio Garcia, executive chef of Bar Esquina restaurant, has incredible ways of transforming these elements and turning a breakfast, lunch, or dinner into a celebration.

Originally from Guerrero, Mexico, Rogelio comes from a family with great local culinary traditions, which gave him the opportunity to become familiar with the kitchen. He gained experience by learning the basics from his grandmother and experimenting with flavors and textures, preparing unexpected dishes for his parents. Even with this background, he never dreamed of becoming a chef. By a twist of fate, he began working in the kitchen of a hotel in Acapulco. Although the support he received was not the same as at home, through his determination and desire to learn, he quickly revealed his exceptional culinary skills.

Following his success in Acapulco, Rogelio began traveling and working as a chef in major hotel chains in Monterrey, Vallarta, Aguascalientes, and Los Cabos, where he continued to improve his skills and develop his imagination. Then, after a few years in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Aruba, Rogelio returned to Los Cabos and, since January 2012, he has led the extraordinary team at Bar Esquina.

Rogelio as a rule allows the creativity of his team to determine the menu, which has a Californian style and Mexican-Mediterranean influences. “I consider the kitchen’s true beauty to be its innovative power and the way it can develop dishes that transform basic, high-quality ingredients, seeking new combinations while respecting classic techniques, converting them into memorable experiences which draw people together at the table,” he says.

“Part of what we love is presenting a menu for every palate, especially when they are reluctant to try something new, such as a cauliflower steak, whitefish ceviche over a grilled plantain shell, or popcorn ice cream.”
If, like me, you have enjoyed Bar Esquina’s ambience, you will have noticed the kitchen is completely open for everyone to see. It is always entertaining to watch Rogelio and his team in action, whether they’re working pizza dough (that’s right, homemade dough cooked over a wood fire), preparing the most elaborate dishes, or placing the final touch on an outstanding presentation.

The entertaining kitchen environment, coupled with a social bar with a contemporary, exotic style, cozy ambience, and live music have made Bar Esquina a main gathering spot dedicated to enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures. ¡Buen provecho!